Saturday, October 19, 2013

Spider Guide

Well hey there. Haven't posted in a while, right? Well here's a guide for getting spiders.
A picture guide. Many tons of you already know this but hey! I want to post something, and a guide is a fun thing to post-- especially a picture one. c;

There you go. Have a happy day. c: Also don't pay attention to the fact that they are tarantulas and not just simply spiders. Yeah, just ignore that. xD

-- Jenny7


  1. Wait, I think that's because you got the spider pet monthly gift a couple years ago, or you already bought one from the diamond shop, I might be wrong. :3... :3 sowwy :o

  2. It doesn't work unless you already have a spider XD but whatevs :3

    1. Yeah, I know that now. x3
      At the time I made this guide, I was so excited over not having to pay diamonds that I made this without even checking to make sure you could do it even if you hadn't got a spider before. x3


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