Thursday, October 11, 2012


Hi! I'm Jenny7 on Animal Jam, I've been on AJ since the beta days, or like I joined one or two days after the beta days, because I remember gloves and worns! :D The point of this blog is to keep you Jammers updated with AJ updates, guide new beginners into this world, and more, but also for pure fun! The first Animal Jam blog I ever saw was Wolfrock12's Animal Jam Blog. They quit blogging about Animal Jam in 2012, January, I think. They inspired me to start blogging, so thanks to them I'm here. Also, thanks for the followers and views! Just around when they quit, I made my own blog, this one, in January 2012!
I'm the owner of this blog, but don't forget the two epic authors - Mia776 and Ming132!
Anyway, goodbye for now! But we shall meet again!

-- Jenny7

Edit 1/28/2013 - I have deleted all posts because the blog just didn't look good. It looked like it never had items on time and I really want to start over! :3 Now the blog is getting a HUGE makeover. I only left that 'Enough is Enough' post up, because that one was really important!
Edit 7/17/2013 What the thing above said.


  1. I always loved Day of the Phantoms! And first comment. >:3 I am your ruler of epicness. Bow before the almighty GreatShot, or Raoul eats all your snails.

    1. Yes! Day of the Phantoms is wonderful, and congratulations on stalking me. And I do not bow before those who threaten, as they can do no real harm. They only threaten to seem scary, when they really don't have a weapon at all. :) Also, I'm stalking you ;)

    2. Slice: I will not allow it! *Fire-bends at Raoul*

    3. Raoul: Eep! *curls into ball* D-don't hurt m-me, please S-slice! :C

    4. Slice: eheheheh!


  2. You promised us that 'My Animals' Page... Where is it!!!!!!!! WOMEN *Throws Taco Bell at her* DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE TASTE THE TACO BELL >8U

    1. Get on AJ women... Wait.. This is a Sunday... You are not on AJ D:

      ~Taste The Taco Bell


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