Tuesday, December 11, 2012

E. N. O. U. G. H. I. S. E. N. O. U. G. H. (Part 1)

Hey, today I'd like to put this subject entitled:
My friend Mia776 recently made a post about how annoyed she was with how Animal Jam was exploding into drama headquarters. So I'd like to make a rant, or as you might call it, a post...
Remember the old times? No one made the crying face when someone said 'No thanks' about their trade...actually, in old times, people didn't even trade that much because they were too busy making friends, playing games, and learning nature facts. The place was alive with little animals running around and having fun.
Now, go to the present. Everyone screams about someone declining your trade, runs up to you when you have a rare that isn't on your trade list, and screams in all capitol letters 'WHAT FOR THAT RARE ITEM'? ...I'm all of you have had a experience similar to that, and if not, you are one lucky person. And, our new focus: Dating and Trading. Our Least Focus: Friends, Learning, Play games for fun. The place is alive with people screaming, scamming, pretending to kill each other, and bullying.
Now...what will the future be like? Worse, if we don't stop this.
More and more drama comes down everyday. More friendships breaking apart, more people screaming, shouting, pretending to injure and kill each other, in a disturbing way. You ever been walking in Sarepia Forest as a bunny, too, and get attacked by a lion or wolf saying: '*Pins to ground bites neck very harshly claws bites slams you against tree bites neck again*? I have. A lot of people do that - if your a bunny or seal, you can be treated unfairly...but just a shout out to those wolves and lions:
Those are not robots that are made for you to pretend to catch them for prey
You know when they won't stop doing that? It gets annoying. Well, on countless occasions I never got the subject 'Block' and 'Report'. Well if you don't want to block and report them, turn into a bigger animal. If your still a small animal, don't have any bigger animals, block and report and continue enjoying your walk.
But, another subject, once again, combined with drama. Like most of these 'articles'.
Maybe you've seen a post entitled The Truth on one of your favorite Animal Jam blogs - they are probably famous, and if you search enough famous blogs, you can find around three different truths from three different famous people. They will be contained with drama, friendships going bam, maybe even disgusting stuff, and mostly rares and stuff and how they are quitting, how someone is mean to them, and blaming another famous person. I remember back in the day when you had only one reason to quit Animal Jam blogging:
You had school, and were too busy.
Those were the two reasons.
Now more about truths. In each truth they blame someone or something like that. Then you'll find out, oddly, the person they blamed blames it on them. Well guess what, we don't need drama in Jamaa, we never asked for this. We don't need truths, we want wants important, friendship and stuff. You need to leave the past in the past, understand? You can forget about your truth, and go and play Animal Jam happily. But apparently that's not a option, you have to blame someone and make a huge dramatic posted entitled The Truth. I swear, even if it's my favorite famous person, and if even they make another truth, I will have a rage fit and tear this computer apart.
(No not really, of course! Haha CX)
But this is just one part of what I have to say. It's getting late, but I feel like I need to post this sooner then later. So here's Part 1. I'll post Part 2 tomorrow. Maybe there might even be a Part 3 or Part 4. Who knows.
Jenny7, OUT.


  1. I support you 100%!
    I remember when I first joined AJ and joined a Clan, they were super nice, never attacked any animal smaller than themselves, and never "killed" others.
    Now I look at the Clans today are so changed. It really angers me what it's like now. -3-

    1. I'm not sure how you made through that entire post.
      Yeah...I remember one of the first clans I joined: AnimalClan. We had seals, wolves, tigers, bunnies, monkeys, EVERY animal...now stuff has changed.
      Yea -3-

    2. ;D
      Yes, the Clan I joined (if memory serves) was like... ForestClan or something. There were tigers in it too I think, and I remember other Clans who were nice to us because we were nice to them. ewe

    3. ewe Sadly, clans are no longer nice to each other.

      Have you no pride, child? Real shelties don't wear goofy costumes!

    4. ;;
      NAW I DON'T ;3;
      Also, sorry for not posting today, I couldn't get on the computer tonight to post. 8U
      If you want I can try to post tomorrow with tomorrow's item as well. c:

    5. Have you no pride, child? Real foxes don't hide in Christmas trees - Nyota.

      Yeeeees~ Good girl O3O

    6. Corvette: But I'm scared of Ming's new pet ;A;

      Ohyus I came up with Ming's new pet >8U

    7. 'Him'?
      So we got Corvette, Silverado, and unnamed? :I

    8. It appears we have a million foxes.
      I like it that way.

    9. :D
      I was thinking something like Flash, Turbo, Sebastien, or Rally, but I really don't like any of those names enough to keep them (accept maybe Flash or Turbo c8) ;;

    10. Turbo sounds cool,
      But Flash is epic too!

    11. I GTG to sleep soon.
      So late here for me.

    12. Hiiiiii
      I think I'm gonna name the fox

  2. Animal Jam SUPPORTS roleplay. D: Really they should take their behinds and RP somewhere else. If you're making a group; count me in.

    1. Actually, roleplay is fine...but if people actually get violent in it it's bad. I mean, some peace clans roleplay and hunt and stuff, but they are not bad, mind that.

      But if you mean Animal Jam giving the Jammers weapons like crossbows, nunchucks, etc then...yeah, they need to stop.

      I might be making a group - who knows!

  3. This post is amazing! I agree with everything you said! It's exactly what I was trying to do with my post that I made. I think AJHQ should keep AJ a KID APROPRIATE site, not for teenagers to date, not for lonely people to kill others, to learn about nature, and have friends. I agree EXACTLY with everything you said. I think it's horrible that AJHQ is making nunchucks and bows and arrows for people! AJHQ really needs to stop that! I think I know exactly why this is happening. AJHQ makes all these items, because they want their money, they want people to keep buying memberships, and keep violently clanning so that they can get money. I think that AJHQ has totally forgot what AJ is about. I don't think that AJHQ or National Geographic would really support people killing each other, and dating on a KIDS website. I think AJ was actually built for the purposes of nature facts, friends, being who you are, and various things....It's just, someone one day came and said "Well, I'm going to start virtually killing every single little bunny and seal I see!" Those people who violently clan, I think they just don't have anyone who cares about them, and don't get heard, and might be lonely. THen, they get all of these cheerful kind, and happy Jammers into violently-clanning. Then everyonw goes along with it. I don't think those lonley, and sad people should express there feelings infront of kids, such as myself. They should express it in real life, or just keep them inside.....No, I don't know where they should express it......But.....They just shouldn't express it on AJ, or any other website that is a kids website. I just hate it........I cant stand it.......I'm never going to quit, but these things HAVE to stop! >.<

    I'm so so so sorry for the SUPER long comment...xD :P

    1. I know, right? But Clans weren't inspired by lonely people, it was inspired by a book series by Erin Hunter, called Warriors. You know that, since I thought you were reading the first book...weren't you? I think? Well, there are battles in the Warriors book series, but not as gory as Jammers made them. They started to make the battles in Warriors seem more violent and stuff and then POP:
      Violent battles on AJ were born.

      Don't blame the books, though. The first series books are wonderful, but Jammers made it seem like in the books cats 'Clawed each others' spines until bone showed' which was a quote from someone, attacking me when I was a wolf walking in Sarepia Forest. :I

      It's fine, it's great to know you are willing to speak your mind so much! c;

    2. I know that the clans were inspiredr by that...I guess I just left that out...xD. But I meant, they made the book go to extreme by cutting heads off and horrible things that (I don't think, I never have actually read the books) do not happen in the books.

    3. That NEVER happens in the books.

      The worst that happens in the books is they fight with their teeth and claws.

      No swords or cutting heads off or raking others' spines 'till bone showed!

      It's disgusting how people carry on.

    4. Do you know what the worst part is? Animal jam APPROVES of dating, you know the hearts and love face? PROOF. Im so mad with AJ and I too made a post about this :l


    5. Ikr.. ;-;

      Oh, btw, pawsome profile picture there, Jenny. xD

    6. @Axew - I don't even know why those faces are THERE! I mean, sure, they could be used for a joke or something but...they shouldn't be there in the first place. :L

      And thankies, Mia! ^u^

  4. Agreed with every single word
    If people want to date, go to a dating website or.. IMVU or whatever.
    Warriors isn't that violent, c'mon people. I bet half of the people who have Clans haven't even read the books.
    The other day I saw 'FightClan'.. Really people? REALLY? :L
    And the people who are nice and actually /RP/ are rare to find, but when you do find these types of Clans, it's surprising how nice they are, compared to everyone else.

    -caly ~

    1. Mhm! Go on some dating site. xD
      And of course. They always think someone on Animal Jam made this up, and then they guess 'Oh so it's always like this' and then they get all violent.

      I know, right? FightClan? I remember another 'DeathClan' where they would NOT EVEN FIGHT they would just go and eat seals and bunnies. Pathetic. Disgusting.

      Oh, I know! It's so rare but it's AMAZING how well they treat other clans when you join one!

      Also, meet on AJ, Calyo?

      -- Jenny7

  5. I AGREE!!!!!!!

    papad91278 the 4th news crew member, SO MANY NEWS CREW MEMBERS, SO LITTLE TIME!

  6. i agree 99.9 percent, the 0.1 percent is the weapons thing.
    whats a kid gonna do with a bow! or a crossbow! or a sword!
    they are trying to make it suited for kids of the modern age
    beta 2010 friendshippy thing was there because kids were like that, now kids are more " i want that cool item "
    but u have a point with most of the stuff,
    peaceclans were better than this, they didnt powerplay (rip eachothers throats out, scratch out eyes and stuff like that)


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