Monday, February 4, 2013

E. N. O. U. G. H. I. S. E. N. O. U. G. H. (Part 2)

You may have seen that post from December 11th, 'E. N. O. U. G. H. I. S. E. N. O. U. G. H. (Part 1)...
...Well this is continuing it, but in some way.
I was a bit too excited, when I thought the Friendship Party and Online Safety Plaque and those things would help Jammers remember to be nice...
...I went into a Friendship Party and two Jammers were bullying someone. Is this really what Jamaa has come to? We've seriously dropped so low someone is bullied in a party called the FRIENDSHIP Party?
Well let me tell you a story...
...A long, long, time ago Clans that fought weren't invented. There were things called 'PeaceClans' which were SERIOUSLY based off the Warrior Cats series - they scratched each other, bit, and fought but they never said 'cuts head off' or 'rakes your windpipe open no nothing' or 'scratches your eyes, blinding you' - and if you were scratched badly you would run away, not pretend you weren't hurt. And, since there wasn't any rares, really, no one scammed! And if someone did, you could just get a new item. Once upon a time, there was nothing to fight about - no one was mean, because they were too distracted by having fun and learning things to even get mad. The minute you said something mean, you would type Sorry - even though being mean was really rare. There was forgiveness, spread all across Jamaa, and kindness, so the forgiveness didn't need to be used that much. And Jammers didn't date at all, because friendship was the only thing - not 'dateship', it was friendship. And those stories may seem like fairytales now, but they aren't. Dragons are in fairytales, too...and I have a question: If you could, would you bring Dragons to the world? Well, I certainly would! But we can't. But there is something in the fairytale I just told you that we can bring back - Friendship, More focusing on learning and fun then dating, scamming, bullying, and fighting! If we all work together maybe we can change put it back where it used to be. If we do this, we can do our part by trying to bring back Friendship and more fun!
And then maybe AJ HQ will try and make it more fun and friendshippy, too.
And then Jamaa will be just liked it used to.
One big peaceful land.
Where we can all have fun.
And they'll bring back the rares so there is no scamming!
Bring back the little 'learning' things - like the ladybug and the facts about the ladybug in Jamaa township and all that.
And it will be...peace again.

Have a Jamtastic Day, Jammers! I'll be posting the Rare Monday soon!


  1. Dating is kinda okay to me, as long as it is kept out of public and clean. But you are totally right!

    1. I do NOT think dating is ok since like You don't know who you are dating!

    2. I don't really support dating because yes, you don't know who you are dating.

  2. I agree! When I joined Animal Jam there was no "If you like me come to my den!"
    There was friendship! I think you should make a club or something where jammers care about just being friends! Like the Jamasion Movement that Snowyclaw made.


    1. I know, right? xD
      Maybe I will, but I think that maybe I'll just support the Movement that Snowyclaw made, with a few extra details added in.


      -- Jenny7

  3. I really miss these days. FIRST OF ALL. The dens were perfect . Just saying but yeah. And the Clan I was in, was so awesome compared to the Clans now. I just loved those days, and wish they were back to that. But they were the beta days, when AJ wasn't that popular, so that's all gone D:
    But I really with you. Mainly about the dating thing, it's gross because you don't know who the actual person is and just ew.

    1. Yeah.
      Ah, about what you said about dating; that's so true. xP

  4. i agree with all of that but the rares thing, u should know better than to be stupid and go scam or be scammed, ppl work hard for their rares (except for pizzadrop and doglover56 who can go into rare land and get tons of stuff) and the "Lets be buddies!" thing was weird but other than that i agree,

  5. I agree!!! Ya know what we should send a letter to ajhq about this all us bloggers should get like a few people to sign it and bam Its back to awesomeness again!
    P.S please check out my website i am doing a scary bat wings giveaway!

    1. Maybe we should! That's a good idea. ^u^

  6. I totally agree! Wonderful post, I would love to support this movement and spread the word!

    1. Thank you! c:
      I'm thinking of making a Part 3 since these ones are a bit outdated. xD


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