Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Story Of My Derpiness And A Nice Person

Alright, so, let me tell y'all a story.
Once upon a time there was a Jammer named Jenny7, who wanted to go trade some of her items for different items. She didn't know that there had been a party called the Beta Party, since she had been inactive on Animal Jam for that time. So, when she spotted a Jammer with a really cool banner called a "Beta Rabbit Banner" she immediately assumed that it was from beta. This was dumb, because Jenny7 was from the beta days, and she didn't remember that banner being there before and so shouldn't have traded for it if she didn't even know if it was actually from the beta days. Had it been there? She wondered. She had no idea, but automatically assumed so, because it had "Beta" in the name. Thus, she traded some of her prized possessions- a lava nature archway thing and a pile of eggs from the 2015 Easter thing, for that Beta Rabbit Banner.
The other Jammer accepted, because they thought they were getting a great deal and Jenny7 had meant to trade those awesome items for the Beta Rabbit Banner.
NOTE: Jenny7 didn't actually like how the Beta Rabbit Banner looked. She just wanted to trade it for some snazzy stuff. Also, the Beta Rabbit Banner was apparently from 2014 (according to an Animal Jam Wikipedia), so technically it was pretty cool and all that, but then she was like "WAIT NO I TRADED SOME OF MY COOL ITEMS FOR THAT AND NVM I DON'T WANT IT THAT BADLY".
Jenny7 looked up the Beta Rabbit banner on Animal Jam Wikipedia.
She did not want the Beta Rabbit banner anymore.
So, she was about to start clawing her own face off in frustration, because she was sure that she had just made a huge mistake, and she didn't know the username of the person she had traded to. So, she went back to Jamaa Township, and she found the person who she had traded to. How? She looked on a person's trading list, because that person was saying they had items for trade, like they had been doing so before. Their username was Giantpigely.
Jenny7 explained to them that she had made a mistake, and she asked if she could have her items back if she gave the banner back to Giantpigely.
Giantpigely, instead of some people, who would just run off with Jenny7's items and be like "HAHA NO!!" was like, "Sure. Put the banner on trade and I'll give your items back". So they traded their items back and everyone was happy.

As you may have guessed (due to obvious reasons), Jenny7 is me.
Thus, that is the stupid but very pleasant story of how I goofed, and someone was nice. Giantpigely easily could have gotten away with my items, since I didn't have their user yet, but they decided to be super nice! You don't always find people like that so, yeah, thank you, Giantpigely, if you ever read this! I really appreciate that you gave my items back. :)

- Jenny7

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