Thursday, December 31, 2015

Hiya, Jammers!

So, it has come to my attention that I haven't posted in a VERY long time. I've gotten into other sites, and I have been busy with my IRL friends, too. But, you know, I thought I'd check in on you guys. I'm amazed that people are still sending me Jam-A-Grams telling me that they've seen my blog, and it really honors me that some of y'all Jammers take the time to do that. So, thank you! <3

It has also come to my attention that it is New Years' Eve. Pretty amazing how time just flies, huh? It kinda feels like yesterday I was writing up the last post on this blog (about someone writing "cydrollic dtaminis". Buuut, that was so many months ago. Anyway, I just want to wish anyone who is reading this a very happy new year! c;

Also, I want to share this photo of a black hole in somebody's den;
I saw that today. I haven't seen a black hole up in person on Animal Jam before, so that was pretty cool. Also, thanks for Fireworkwmarster for telling people in Jamaa Township that there was a black hole in their den, because if they hadn't I wouldn't have gotten to see it! xD 

Anyhow, happy new year and all that fancy stuffz! 

- Jenny7

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