Thursday, April 3, 2014

4/3/14 Animal Jam Update

Hey Jammers! I kind of lied about not doing updates on AJ. I will do the big updates like this one, but not the little ones with items, unless I have nothing better to do or I want to make an update post/I find a particular item I am interested in. But here's the 4/3/14 Jamaa Journal, and on the front page... PET EAGLES! These little cuties are priced at three diamonds.

And the Mystical Armor is also available in the Diamond Shop. The Mystical Helmet costs two diamonds, the amulet one diamond, the body armor three diamonds, the gauntlets one diamond, and at last the tail armor two diamonds. And the Easter Egg hunt has come around for this year. I have been getting the items from the Easter Egg hunt for three years already, and I'm excited for the fourth one! ^u^ I will be posting a guide to where the eggs are soon, and the prize!

And, because for some reason everything just HAS to be in the Diamond Shop (xD) the new Sol Arcade Den is in the Diamond Shop for five diamonds. Whew, that's quite a few diamonds! And on another note, giraffes are coming back to Jamaa soon. Not this update, but soon... >:3
And, of course, now the April Fools' Party is going to leave soon, right? Because of the fact that it is no longer April Fools' Day. So if you want some weird-but-cool items and a very confusing-to-navigate castle, by all means, go ahead and go to the April Fools' Party, because I think next update it will be gone. x3 And yay, twenty den slots. We can just spam our den slots with dens now. >8D

And then there's this. YES! The Temple of Trivia will have double gems! Not too excited about the special geography questions, though, I'll probably fail horribly if I attempt that. Oh well!

-- Jenny7
P. S. It is my birthday tomorrow. :3

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