Sunday, June 8, 2014

NOT DEAD && My new animal 8D

Heeeeyyy people! I'm not dead. But I'm not going to post as often, and probably post only a few times like, a month. Maybe once a week or something. Or maybe I'll have little spouts of activity. WHO KNOWS. But I'd like to introduce my newest AJ animal:
Miss Scarybeast!
She's a hyena. c: Wondering why I picked that name? Because she's a girl, and because hyenas are always viewed as 'beasts' or whatnot, and the girl hyenas are even more scary then the males. So, that's it for ya. Hyenas on Animal Jam, to me, are definitely worth the 10 diamonds. They're adorable. But anyway, I was just fooling around and going to put a video together of all the hyenas' actions like dance, hop, etc. Yeah, I know they came out like a week ago and someones' probably done it, but I wanted to do it anyway. And then I got carried away, so have this:

Bask in the glory of this horribly derpy/ridiculous video.

- Jenny7


  1. Awww! I love your hyena! :D I don't have one yet, as I went straight for the otters... but I am currently saving up for one so yaaaaay xD

  2. aww and the actions! AAAH! Too cute xD


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