Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Hey people! c: I've come here with an all-new update that only happened seconds ago:
dogs have come to Jamaa!

Just kidding. x3 Happy April Fools' day. Today I found something in the Medical Center in Kimbara Outback that really surprised me. I don't know if tons of people have seen this or not, but while I was exploring around and taking my 'funny pictures', I found this:
It's the eye chart. But try piecing the three first rows of litters together. It says "G-re-ely". Greely. And then it says "Liza" and after that, "Cosmo", an then "Graham"... so this eye chart is basically the names of the alphas. Well then. Pretty interesting, huh?
I'm probably late and everyone knows about this, aren't I?

Also, does anyone still visit this blog? o.o
-- Jenny7

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