Saturday, September 27, 2014


Hallo people! c: 
Thought I'd drop by and say hi to you guys! Jamaa's now dressed up for Halloween (bleh, it's not even October, but whatever), which is really cool, and I managed to take a picture of what was going on in Jamaa Township at one point. Some Jammers were pretending to be zombies and 'biting people', it was really fun and cool.
If you're wondering, I am the fabulous wolf with the orange kite and the wonderful black tophat. You can't see the zombies very well here, but the Jammer saying 'SQUISSS' is one of them. What does 'Squisss' mean? Oh well, nobody knows. Maybe it's a zombie sound. Another cool thing was that one more Jammer was pretending to be a Police Officer and trying to evacuate the area. Thumbs up for fun. cx
I also took a video of me playing the 'Phantoms!' game and getting the prize. And then I go on for a couple more levels before I bloop out and die, but it's currently not working on the computer that I have and so, unfortunately, I don't have a video. But! You can see the new prize at my den, and I'd appreciate if you went there too, because I've dressed it up for Halloween and, y'know, wanted to share it. Here's a little screenshot of it:
I may also be setting up a little Halloween story here on Animal Jam World, and possibly becoming more active because of the Halloween season. Afterwards, I don't know whether I'm going to continue being inactive or try to continue being active. But, for now, g'bye and g'day, Jammers! x3

-- Jenny7


  1. I love your Day of the Phantoms themed den :D


  2. Is there any way to get free membership there should be a free membership code on halloween and everyone has to know it should show up olnce you get on ;c


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