Saturday, March 28, 2015

Weird AJ Glitch + Hi :D

Aloha, blog! And followers! I haven't posted in quite a while, have I? I keep on promising I'll come back, but I can't keep those promises. Currently I'm going through an "Animal-Jam-is-fun-to-play" stage (I am taking a break from being on Minecraft xD) so I might post a few things on here. :)
And yesterday, me and my sister were playing on Animal Jam together, and experienced a strange glitch...
We were playing multiplayer Gem Breaker (Commander Frillylilly is my sister) and on my screen, my sister's side was going WACK-O! We didn't move onto levels together, and it stuffed seemed to overlap on her side. When I looked at her screen, it looked as weird as her side did for me! So on her screen, my side was going crazy exactly like hers. Then my sister noticed that, at the starting point, we had the exact same setup, down to each last gem. Is that what's supposed to happen? I don't know- if not, it may be collected to the glitch. But I'm just wondering... has anyone else experienced this?
Oh, also, I may be putting up a guide to the Animal Jam game "Best Dressed" soon! :)

G'bye for now!
- Jenny7

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