Wednesday, November 9, 2016

How Rare Are These Items?

This is not a post about me finding out the rarity of items and helpfully telling you about what I've found out. Nooope, it's me asking anyone who is reading this blog to help me figure out the rarity of these items? Today when I was doing the daily spin, I got three presents.
And here's what I got:
From left to right: Rare Shutter Shades, Rare Cowboy Boots, Rare Polka Dot Tuxedo
I understand that they're Rare Monday items brought back from the dead thanks to the daily spin. But does anybody know how these would rank on a scale of 1-10 rarity? 1 rarity being something basic like a good ol' Necklace and 10 being something insane like gloves before they were brought back (I seriously doubt these are that rare). Thanks in advance! <3
- Jenny7


  1. Hmm.. maybe 3 or 4ish? Those are like the collector items that you can trade for something cool if you have a lot.

  2. hey if anyone can plz reply to this comment that would be great i just got hack my red long spike and my rare mouse pet pluse my black and green head dress, so if anyone could PLEASE retun these items to me that would be great, my user is diamondgal11

  3. that happened to me if you will be so kind please gift me a rare spiked collar thats all im missing please gift it to me my user is 123girl61 or hihihihi581


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